Game App

I built* a game app for Android devices inspired by one of Wesley's prudential means of grace-- Watching Against Sin.  Usually, Wesley warned against the three temptations mentioned in 1 John 2:16, the desire of the flesh, the desire of the eye, and the pride of life.  However, I thought that Evagrius' commentary on the spiritual danger posed by the eight bad thoughts provided a more marketable title, so this game has an Eastern Orthodox rather than Wesleyan theme.

My goal was to make the game fun and to pique the curiosity of the player.  I hope that some will take the time to learn more about these common temptations and be inspired to stay on the look out for them.

May you be delivered and fully sanctified!

*I use the term "built" with qualification in deference to all of the help I received from the MIT online project App Inventor that allows novice programmers to develop apps for Android devices.

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