Monday, August 19, 2013

never bored

Here you go preachers; a little inspiration as you get ready for next Sunday.  From E. Stanley Jones, The Word Became Flesh--
For sixty years I've thought of one subject, have spoken about that one subject, and have written about that one subject-- that one subject, a Person, Jesus Christ.  After thinking and talking about one subject for sixty years, one should be bored and should want a moral holiday, want to get away and think of something else.  On the contrary, I was never so excited, so exhilarated, so full of surprise as now.  Something new breaks out from Him every day, a surprise around every corner, horizons cracking, life popping with novelty and meaning-- and value.  The Truth is making me free-- free to find more Truth and yet more Truth.  And so on forever and forever.
-Week 5--Thursday

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