Sunday, July 14, 2019

Call to Fast, Pray, Read: Week Three


God of the Blind and the Deaf

The lessons of Isaiah 41 & 42 were feeling Other.
Prophecies directed at exiles of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.
Jewish tribes indebted to Cyrus and his Gentile liberality.
No me. Not mine. Not our historical conundrum.

Scriptural misappropriation would complicate discernment
I feared.

Until I found the ground of my faith in the words of Isaiah 42: 16-19.
The seeing and the hearing who confidently proclaim forward possibilities
Are not dependant on Isaiah's God, who is followed by the desperate and humbled.

I will glory in my lack of insight.
I will celebrate my failure to discern.
I will work with those similarly afflicted
Stumbling and hesitant
Yet expecting to be oriented
In God's time and manner

All of us-- leaders, members, disaffiliated, those who rule over them
We can not see or hear the way we should go.
Our only hope is in the God who guides those willing to admit their blindness and deafness
to the future.

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