Monday, April 4, 2016

Hoping for the best in Whiteclay

On March 29, State Senator Pansing Brooks introduced a bill to the Nebraska Legislature calling for an interim study of the situation in Whiteclay.  On April 1, the responsibility to carry out the study was assigned to the General Affairs committee of the Legislature.

The purpose of the resolution is "to examine and review the sale of alcohol in Whiteclay and the secondary effects of such sales. The study committee shall develop recommendations for what should be done to address the issues arising from such sales and shall seek the input of the State-Tribal Relations Committee."  A link to the full text of the resolution is here.

Thank you to everyone who held Whiteclay in your prayers during Lent.  I am so grateful that the Nebraska Legislature is taking this step.  I pray that God will cause more people to care, and will inspire us with insight into a wise way to address and solve the problems there.

The members of the 2016 General Affairs committee are:
Tyson Larson (Chair)
Colby Coash (Vice Chair)
Matt Hansen,
Dan Hughes,
Mark Kolterman,
John McCollister,
Merv Riepe,
Ken Schilz,

If you would take a moment to pray for the committee, I would appreciate it.  And if you'd like to take an additional step and email the committee members and let them know that you prayed for them, I'm sure they would appreciate it, too.

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