Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lenten Devotion: Day Forty

Jesus dies.  His body is taken down from the cross, wrapped in burial linens, and placed in a tomb.  (Luke 23: 46-56)
(Adaptation of "Christmas in Whiteclay" by Frank LaMere)

Written by Frank LaMere
     His father told Him it was a forlorn and fearful place, where you could see life but no willingness to live and where ghosts beckon their relatives and the weak to leave this creation less their suffering be prolonged…
     His father told Him of grandfathers and grandmothers who had been lost and of generations to come, whose fate has been sealed by those who would watch them die slowly as they hurry away…
     His father told Him to walk among them in this season as they celebrate His being, to make them smile and let them know He has not forgotten them for even one second…
     His father bid Him go to Whiteclay and be with them as they await brothers and sisters who will care for them…
     Jesus went to Whiteclay and found all there to be freezing, beaten, dying and forsaken. Jesus cried and through his tears saw it to be the holiest of places.
     He remains there, walking among the lonely and sleeping outside, as He slept on the night He was born. Jesus is there this Christmas season, huddled by a building, waiting for someone to recognize Him, if even for one second.
     You will see Him if you wish to. He will be the most pitiful among all those gathered. He always has been, and we have always known that.
Pray for Whiteclay.

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