Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lenten Devotion: Day Twenty-two

Jesus, as he nears Jerusalem, again warns his disciples that he will be handed over, abused, and killed, but on the third day will rise again.  (Luke 18: 31-33)
(From Diane Sawyer's series, "Hidden America: Children of the Plains)

Christ, you knew your enemies would arrest you, and yet you kept going.  Kept moving towards your goal.  Kept teaching.  Kept healing.  Kept proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was in the midst of the people.  We admire your commitment to your mission.  Give us the inner strength to be more like you.  To persevere in the mission to which you have called us no matter what detractors might say or do.

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Zola Troutman Noble said...

Thank you for posting that video. It's so moving.