Monday, April 22, 2019

National Poetry Writing Month Twenty-Two


Bringing a Visual Aid to an Oral Defense
John Singer Sargent - Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

Dancing was Herr Dr. Moltmann's metaphor
Perichoresis, or Rotation
Think the pirouette of the planets
Picture the dosey doe of the multiverse
My Chair couldn't

The sisters in summer's dusk
Backdrop of carnations, lilies, roses
The luminous glow on their ruffled white frocks
Motions mirrored as their wicks carefully place
Light inside their Chinese lanterns

The intimate mood exactly catching Moltmann's
Three persons with one permeating essence
Dwelling and existing in perfect unity
The divine inner life illustrating
How we are to be each to the other

My Chair got hung up on the lack of difference
Polly seven, Dolly eleven,
Where was the Father?
"But if the Three are co-eternal. . ." I trailed off
And thus my defense was won

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