Tuesday, April 23, 2019

National Poetry Writing Month Twenty-Three

Prompt from April Free Generative Writing Workshop taught by Elizabeth Weiss

With Rococo Flourishes

She had worn it on a gold chain
both gifts from Roy after a week
of dates although he was engaged
to a girl from his hometown so
a present worn around her neck
locket swinging close to her breasts
was scandalous

By sliding a thumbnail into
a depression on its right side
the locket opened like a book
revealing two oval portraits
Roy in his fedora and Roy
in backlit profile a wavy
haired Rhett Butler

She hadn't worn the chain and its
locket in decades had kept it
stored in its original box
from Montgomery Ward department
store because she wasn't that girl
anymore and she didn't hand
it down because

Neither of their girls grew up to be a Scarlett

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