Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Corporate Living #3

The third corporate living principle according to Jones is "Fix your loyalty to the Kingdom of God."  In other words, the group that deserves your greatest support is the group of people that is helping you transform into a person who embodies the values and priorities of Christ.  All lesser loyalties must give way to your loyalty to this kingdom-focused group.

This principle raises some questions for self-reflection.

  • Are we a member of a kingdom-focused group?
  • What does it mean to be loyal to the Kingdom of God?
  • What are the values and priorities of Christ?
  • What does a life look like when it reflects those values and priorities?
The answers to such a line of questioning can lead to different responses.
  • Some will admit that no, they are not a part of such a group, and either
    • wish they were, or
    • realize that they do not want to be involved with such a group
  • Some will feel grateful that they have the support of such a group, and either
    • ask for the grace to persevere in their commitment to the group, or
    • ask for the grace to strengthen a wavering loyalty to the group
In terms of living as the corporate body of General Conference, this principle can serve as a reference point as plans for the future are made.  Delegates can debate whether or not the plan under consideration is one that makes the Kingdom of God a priority and that encourages others to fix their loyalty to the Kingdom.  I imagine delegates will have differences of opinion regarding what it means to be loyal to the vision of human existence that Christ taught us.  Discovering points of consensus around this subject would be worth the effort if that consensus could help General Conference work more efficiently.

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