Thursday, May 12, 2016

Corporate Living #5

Corporate Living Principle #5 -- "Rejoice that the strength of any is the strength of all."  

This principle is Jones' remedy for the jealousies that can sometimes arise as members of the group compare their contributions to the group to that of others. If a person feels envious of another's accomplishments or talents, Jones suggested concentrating on this reminder -- "You are striving to get a corporate job done."

Someone with this attitude would have to agree that getting the corporate task done well is the priority and not personal promotion. Achieving the corporate goal might mean that some individuals' skills are more relevant to the job at hand than those that we possess.

Steps to a more positive attitude could include:

  • Consider the task at hand and the skills that will be needed to complete the task.
  • Take an inventory of your strong and weak points within the context of the project, and then look for ways that your weakness can be supplemented by the strength of someone else.
  • Give thanks that someone with the necessary ability is a member of your kingdom-focused group.
  • Contemplate 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, "Moreover, you (plural) are Christ's body, and part of the membership."

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