Friday, May 13, 2016

Corporate Living #6

Corporate Living Principle #6: "Look more to our duties than to our rights."

In order to live well with others as a corporate body, Jones encouraged his readers to value the privilege of being servants more than the privilege of being served. Again, Jones was writing about our membership in a Christian community that orients itself around Jesus' vision of the Kingdom of God.  

To get along with the other members of this group requires servanthood. In his writings, Jones gave personal examples of times when he surrendered the perks of being the founder of an organization. He swept the floor, ate a simple meal, or deferred to others because serving the needs of the organization was more important to him than defending his status or position.

Some implications of this principle:
  • When members of General Conference are not free to prioritize servanthood because their rights are being abused, that is a sign that the corporate body has lost its kingdom-focus. This reality should lead to corporate confession, repentance, and resolution.
  • "Respecting the office" is not a duty that should be required of a member of a kingdom-focused group.
  • To encourage affable relations within the group, the members should clarify what their duties and responsibilities are to the group and to the Kingdom of God.

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