Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Corporate Living #4

Corporate Living Principle #4: "Since life is lived corporately, I should contribute to the whole."

With this point, Jones was trying to shift our focus.  Instead of identifying what the group has to offer us, how it can enhance our status, or create opportunities for our personal gain, Jones argued that Christians should focus on what actions we can take that will improve the group.

Two lines of reflection occur to me based on this principle
  1.  Am I contributing to the group?
    1. If yes, then what is the quality of that contribution?
      1. Does it reflect the Kingdom of God?
      2. Does it reflect the best of my abilities?
    2. If no, then why am I holding back?
      1. Do I feel inadequate?
      2. Am I waiting to be asked to participate?
  2.  What are the needs of the group?
    1. What do I love about this corporate body?  How can I strengthen that attribute?
    2. Where does it lack a kingdom focus?  How can I redirect the body so that the Kingdom of God is its priority in all areas of activity.
Today, I am particularly mindful of the call to divest the UMC pension fund from fossil fuel companies.  Our pensions are one example of a contribution made to the corporate body.  General Conference has the responsibility to direct the investment strategy of the pension board.  That duty includes instructing the board on the values that pension investments should reflect and uphold.  I hope the delegates will send a clear message to the pension board that stewardship of God's creation is a value that should guide our investment strategy.  Earth care is a value that reflects a Kingdom of God priority, and this commitment requires us to stop benefiting from investments in fossil fuels.

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