Saturday, March 23, 2019

When It Feels Like the Planet Is Trying To Get Rid Of Us


How tranquil the circuitous creek,
Coursing through the cul de sac backyards,
Fondly considered by former kids,
Who collected its dank polliwogs,
But in the depths of its long-held springs,
An aggrieved hatred crawls through the mud,
Despised the arrogant settlers,
Believing they could conquer a swamp.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

2020 UMC General Conference: More of the Same

First United Methodist Church of Iowa City is holding a meeting next Sunday between members of the youth group and members of the Reconciling Ministries committee.  The youth want to share a statement they've written following the anti-LGBTQ vote at the 2019 UMC General Conference Special Session.  The Reconciling committee wants to meet and discuss next steps.  (I don't know if they will be steps to stay and fight or steps to walk away.)

I've committed to following efforts to create a progressive Methodist denomination and reporting them back to the group.  So far all I can report is the "wait and see what Judicial Council rules" response I'm finding everywhere.

I will also be sharing what the 2020 General Conference delegate distribution will be:

South Central11.83%
North Central10.21%
West Africa9.98%
Africa Central4.64%
Northern Europe & Eurasia2.32%
Central & Southern Europe1.62%

By my calculation, 28% of the delegates will come from progressive jurisdictions.  Please let me know before the March 24 meeting if my calculation is off.

Source: Here