Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Tax Day That Wasn't

The Tax Day That Wasn’t

I spoke to my grandmother today
Through her nursing home window
Framed by frozen forsythia.
Modeling the white straw hat
Navy ribbon bowed, streaming in twins
Would have to wait.

My daughter's face had appeared haloed
Holding the hat secure to her head
Other hand holding her basket
Spilling over with booty
Scattered around our backyard.
Easy to fill up when you’re alone.

She wanted to go right then
Show Great-Granny bonnet, basket, bunny
Her Easter Best.
Wednesday we will after naptime I promised.

Then the snow fell.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Different Postures

Different Postures

Familiar whimper
Same sound made when the candidate I caucused for dropped out

Also uttered upon comparing the inanity
To what could have been
Whenever his opponent tweeted up

There are those who can manipulate a profit
Even when all the buyers have gone home

There are others who run themselves florid
Organizing goods to keep them in common

I look out the upstairs window
At the cardinals fighting over mating rights
To my backyard

Wishing I could tell both crews what I think of them
Face to face