Sunday, August 11, 2019

τας αρετάς μου διηγείσθαι

My Professors

"My people. . . the ones fully relating my virtues" (Isaiah 43:21)

living that relates
my virtues from the
knowing that describes
my virtues to the
hearing that instills
my virtues to the

discerning that perceives
my virtue of loving
love that encompasses
my virtue of freeing
freedom that champions
my virtue of serving

Friday, August 2, 2019

Dawning Discernment of Weeks 5 & 6

Image by The Reverend Anna Blaedel at UM Forward
  1. August 8th is going to be an awful day
  2. I wish someone would open a safe space on that day
    • A place where I could pray and weep
    • A sacred sanctuary where I would pour out my ire at the other side,
      • and then perceive God's grace minister in that brokenness
  3. I bet others feel the same way I do
    • That Thursday will be unbearably painful as old wounds are opened,
      • and they wish they had a haven where they would find divine aid
  4. I wish someone would plan something like that for me and all the people out there like me
  5. Wait.  Maybe I'm supposed to be that person
After an early AM one-sided conversation with God (and a check-in to make sure my idea would be appropriate) I created a virtual vigil.

August 8th is the date of the church hearing regarding the complaint against The Reverend Anna Blaedel for being honest about who they are and who they love.  A collective action of witness will take place outside the hearing location.  The virtual vigil symbolizes the cloud of witnesses who will surround Anna that day in absentia.