Sunday, March 22, 2020


Drive-Thru Confession
Photo credit: Paul W. Gillespie, Capital Gazette
Fitness centers are closed and they
Drive through windows grabbing local
Takeout each day like it contains
Their full patriotic duty

will i recognize anyone

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Crane Cam Therapy


Soothed by repetitive
Trilling call of Sandhills
Over Crane Cam live feed

We were supposed to be there in person
At sundown when they lifted from the corn fields
Thousands swirling seeking shelter below

Congregating to the river safe
In their numbers

Remember sharing that instinct of

Social creatures?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

How I Am Feeling

While Italians Sing Arias From Balconies

Snowdrops are poking through unraked clumps
If I am feeling ambitious
I could clear room for them
My husband points out suggestively

How am I feeling?

He gauges his symptoms
By my general state of being
Unsure if he is bugged by the common
Or something more exotic
Like my gateway drink

Which okay sure, it resembles urine
But the flavor was milder than the crude ones
Tried and rejected as a teen
It suited my craving
To be un-Midwestern-like

My husband alters our nighttime routine
Pressing soft lips squarely
To the center of my forehead
Putting social distance between us

My kitchen calendar
Is a series of squares
Events crossed out
On the inside

My sister quarantines our parents
Still, they slip through the church’s side door
“We sat in the first pew,” they promise
“We left before greeting anyone.”

When he was young, Dad trained his lungs to run
Pushing asthma ‘round the track ‘til it collapsed
“He has three of the risks,” Mom lists matter-of-factly
“Don’t forget old,” Dad chimes in trying to lift me

My sister’s business trips are canceled
My niece’s freshman year is canceled
My nephew’s golf season is canceled
Church is canceled for the foreseeable Easter

“I am praying for everyone as hard as I can”
Stressed to those working around me in a craze
“I blame Friday the 13th,” I say randomly to the file cabinet
Everyone takes the hint

The word comes down from on high to count
All the cases of gowns and the gloves on hand
Also, for future reference should the need arise
Are we willing to research a live virus?

“Our Irish client is shut down,” I announce
Into the cubicle maze
“Due to COVID-19?” a disembodied voice asks
“No. St. Patrick’s Day,” I explain

If required to work remotely
I will carry their laptop outside
Sit on the front steps next to the cairn
Sing “This Little Light of Mine”

Fantasizing the less sick will deliver
Chicken noodle soup to the very
Thus staving off habitat collapse
When everything turns into the positive

Friday fell on a thirteenth this year
That evening I spotted the first robin of Spring
Those omens cancel each other out