Sunday, April 18, 2021

National Poetry Writing Month- Day 18

A Heart For The Appealing

Large, exuberant creatures compel humans to care
so said the conservationist

Tigers and whales and their ilk
exerting power that induces rescuing instincts

We saviors are not tigers and whales
We do not live among the large and exuberant

We are neither tigers nor whales. Not elephants nor rhinos
We do not live among the hippos and lions of this world

We do not conserve the Dodo: large, stupid, disabled
used to settle sailors weary of endless ocean sunsets

Maybe we could learn to love the large and excessive
as well as the tiny and timid if we had a change of heart

Then obsolete and disposable could become evokers of our compassion
as they roar down the street, pine-tree shaped air fresheners flapping

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